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Welcome to Simple Southern Living!  I’m Molly…and I love the South.  The food, the lifestyle, the scenery, the people, the sweet tea, the football, the simplicity…did I say the food?!?!  I’ve been in sales for 16 years, but my true passions are cooking, traveling, sightseeing (yes…I LOVE acting like a tourist), photography, LAUGHING (my picture says it all) and learning about the vast amounts of talent and inspiration that are located right here in my Alabama backyard!  Did I say I love the food?!?!

No truer or simple statement can be said about me than this, “Home is Where the Heart is”.  Entertaining for friends, family and strangers in my quaint little Alabama home is my heart.  I love bringing people together for food, fun & fellowship for any occasion!  So hopefully you will find your own inspiration from my recipes, my travels, my friends & family or just a simple thought that I have for the day or week.   Did I say I love the food?!?!

Make sure you sign up for email updates in the email box!!! Ask me a question on the Contact Page…view some of my VERY amateur photos (although I really think I’m a pro sometimes) on the Photography Page… and make sure to read my posts on the Blog Page!  If you are looking for recipes you can use the search filter or look for posts by cuisine!  Hopefully you will enjoy this Southern life as much as I do!

Thanks for the visit, leave me a comment and ROLL TIDE!!!


One last thing…All Photos on the Blog (unless otherwise noted and credit given) are the Exclusive Property of Simple Southern Living and Molly Howard.  Use of the Photos is Not Allowed Unless Written Permission is Granted by Simple Southern Living or Molly Howard.  And if you use the recipes for another blog post, please make sure to link & reference me since they are either my original recipes or adapted credit is already given.  You understand, don’t ya!  🙂

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  1. Glenn frey says:

    This is so cool! Really proud of you and impressed too. I think you may have stumbled on to something. Let’s get together soon.

  2. Hi Molly, I wanted to nominate you and your blog for the versatile blogger award. I love your blog!
    If you decide to accept the award, just follow this link. http://cookingwithawallflower.wordpress.com/2014/04/17/versatile-blogger-award/
    It’s a way for bloggers to show appreciation to other bloggers =) Congratulations!

    1. mollyh94 says:

      Thank you so much Andrea! And thanks for following me! Your blog is so easy to follow and helpful!! Love it! Looking forward to more of your recipes!!!


      1. You’re welcome! And thank you for stopping by! =)

  3. Nice to meet you Molly. You have a lovely blog here. I am not that familiar with Southern food although I have heard that its awesome. So looking forward to learning more from you! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    1. mollyh94 says:

      Thanks for stopping by!! Looking forward to reading more of your blog as well! There are all different kinds of southern food, too! Luckily for us! 🙂

  4. annascuisine says:

    Hi, Molly! Thank you for visiting my blog and the follow. It’s much appreciated. I look forward to exploring your blog. I love Southern food. 🙂 Have a lovely day!

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